Our Mission


At Susan James Fragrance, we understand the profound significance of scent in our lives - how it weaves into our daily experiences, evoking emotions that range from the subtlest nuances to the grandest feelings. We believe that scent has the power to preserve cherished memories, and with our bespoke wedding scents, we are committed to making your special day even more unforgettable.

Crafting Scents That Embody Your Love Story

Our vision is to craft scents that resonate with the emotions of your wedding day. From the intimate moments of getting ready in the morning to the jubilant celebrations shared with your loved ones, our fragrances are meticulously handcrafted in small, unique batches. Each scent is an artistic expression, capturing the essence of your love story and the magic of your union.

Exclusivity and Uniqueness

At Susan James Fragrance, we take pride in offering scents that are exclusive to you. Our fragrances are not mass-produced or available in retail stores, ensuring that you and your guests experience a truly bespoke olfactory journey. By choosing our scents, you embrace the beauty of forging new memories untainted by preconceived associations, making your wedding day fragrance truly one-of-a-kind.

An Olfactory Keepsake

Our fragrances are intentionally neutral, providing a blank canvas upon which the emotions of your wedding day can be imprinted. Like a cherished keepsake, our scents become a timeless memento, forever intertwined with the unforgettable moments you share with your partner. Use our bespoke scents to relive the romance and joy of your anniversary or any occasion, transporting you back to the magic of your extraordinary day.

Capturing Timeless Memories

Susan James Fragrance is dedicated to crafting scents that transcend time. We understand that memories shape who we are, and our mission is to encapsulate the very essence of your wedding day in an unforgettable olfactory experience. With our fragrances, you'll embark on a sensory journey that speaks to your heart and soul, leaving an indelible mark on your life's most treasured moments.

Join us at Susan James Fragrance, and let us become part of your journey, creating fragrances that breathe life into your love story, turning your wedding day into an eternal memory through the art of bespoke scents.


Handmade in Los Angele

we compose and bottle your order just for you.

Small batch is what we do

we compose original formulas so you will have a very unique fragrance to make wonderful memories from

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance along the way. We are here to make your fragrance dreams come true!

** For Couples With Dual Tastes: Choose 2 packages and put the same NAMES + DATES on each package OR contact us. We'd love to help you out with a customized package and we are open to wedding favors too!