We care deeply about our planet, so we do things a little differently. Each perfume is created just for you when you order it. No big warehouse filled with stock, where overstocked product will eventually be destroyed. We're a small, independent brand, which helps us stay flexible, use less and be kind to the environment.

We think about every single thing that goes into your purchase – the oils, the sprayer, and the packaging, are thoughtfully considered with care and sustainability in mind. You may from time to time receive a reused shipping box or have pages of an old book used instead of plastic bubblewrap. 

Our bottles are made to last; so you don't have to throw them away.

1. You can take off the sprayer and use the bottle again.

2. Cute bud-vase (just unscrew the sprayer)

3. Fancy vinaigrette bottle (ask for a cap with your order)

4. Re-fill with perfume or room spray.

(Refills are only available for local customers in Los Angeles) 

sustainable wedding perfumes with repurpose keepsake bottles

We try to produce as little waste as possible and dedicated to making a positive change in our environment, by disposing of waste in a proper way.

sustainable wedding perfumes with repurpose keepsake bottles bud vase

Our focus is on sourcing locally as much as possibly and use our materials responsibly to minimize our environmental impact.