Scent Memory

the profound influence of scent on our memories and wellbeing


There’s this thing called the limbic system—a fancy name for the emotional headquarters in our brain. Scent has VIP access here. It bypasses all those security checks and goes straight to the heart of our memories and emotions.

So, when we smell a scent, we're not just smelling it; we're feeling it. It’s like our brain hits the rewind button, taking us back to a moment so vividly, we can practically touch it. That’s the limbic system at work—linking scent and emotion in this amazing, almost magical way


"It's all about the memories"

Just like your photographer and videographer are helping you to remember your special day. Scent can often connect us to a specific place or memory, as it has a unique storytelling power. It is has stronger links to memory and emotion than any of the other senses.


Your wedding day is destined to be an emotional day, filled with happiness, love, and excitement. Maybe grandma gets tipsy and takes over the dance floor maybe your dad cries - what ever happens, your scent will be infusing these sentiments. Each moment enriched with new layers of emotion and significance.


A Keepsake for Eternity

Who wouldn't want to revisit their wedding day? By selecting a unique wedding scent, you gift your mind a clandestine time machine. nd as you reflect on the memories of your special day, know that our scents will be there, ready to recapture each emotion, each moment.

Each subsequent sniff with that fragrance is akin to a magical journey, bringing you back to that day, rekindling all the moments and emotions.


Enduring Impressions

Your wedding is not solely about you; it's a celebration where cherished souls come together to partake in your joy. Our fragrances imprint a lasting memory on your guests, making your day an indelible chapter in their lives. They shall forever recall the euphoric vibes and boundless joy that filled the air.