you tie the know only once

Make Your Wedding Day Perfume Truly Yours
scent has the power to capture moments

have you ever chosen a perfume for a special occasion?

your wedding day is one of the most important occasions in your life. wear a scent you won’t smell everywhere else, to keep your wedding memories personal and uniquely yours.

personalized just for you

your names & date on every bottle

our small batch perfumes are meticulously composed, blended and bottled by hand, to ensure your wear an original formula not available anywhere else.

scent is the easiest way to remember your special day forever!

memory rarely comes up when it comes to wedding perfumes, we believe that is a missed opportunity!

your wedding day perfumes will act as a bearer of the memories and emotions 

a bottle for you or for every wedding guest

we will create a package for your celebration

contact us with what you have in mind, or

Make Your Wedding Day Perfume Truly Yours

Our unique approach is offered through an exquisite Discovery Set, where you can explore and choose the scent that resonates with your heart. We curate a range of packages to cater to the essence of your wedding, ensuring that every guest can be enveloped in unforgettable moments. And, to make it even more personal, each bottle is adorned with your customized label, a timeless display of your best day ever.

create connection

when you smell your scent, your brain uses the same areas that it would use to process emotions and memories from your best day ever.

your wedding will be remembered

sharing your scent with your wedding party will create a connection and memory that will last forever

your forever olfactory memory

100% handmade

in Los Angeles

Safe formulas

with a mix of natural & man-made aromas

Earth friendly

reused, recycle or repurposed