beyond a pretty scent

About Susan James

Founded in 2023 by Danish artist Susan Ankersen and creative director James Nissen, we are committed to sharing our passion for creativity, love, romance, and the power of scent memory.


At Susan James Fragrances we specialize in crafting bespoke wedding scents and personalized packages that share your commitment to forever.


We offer a discovery kit complete with olfactory instructions that guide you toward choosing your personal wedding fragrance. Every creative decision made to share your celebration and express your individuality will not only be experienced in the moments of the day but be captured in your scent memory to be relived forever with a simple whiff.  


Our original formulas are hand-blended in small batches using only the highest quality rare essential oils and synthetics molecules. We offer a variety of solutions to fit your unique wedding party. 


All packages offer personally customized labels, are filled by hand, and packed with care in our small Southern California studio. 


It’s our mission to deliver a wedding scent that elevates the senses throughout the celebration, expresses your personal vibe, and captures the entire joyous wedding event experience in a magical scent memory.

sustainable wedding perfumes with repurpose keepsake bottles

we use only the highest quality rare essential oils and man made molecules, even natural tinctures. We never fragrance oils. We want you to have a truly bespoke experience


hand-blended in small batches, left to macerate for 3 months to have all the different materials get to know and enjoy each other