How to: Discovery Set smelling


  1. Open the Discovery Set: Get cozy, find a comfy spot, and settle in with our discovery set. Make sure you have time to slow down. Pull away the white silk ribbon and open the black box. Inside you'll find a letter from us, the scents and 8 blotter cards. These cards have the fragrance notes of each scent on the back, so you decide how much you want to know before smelling. DON'T look if you want to dive in naked!

  2. Spritz and Reflect: Pick a vial and a accompanying card. Spray once on the card or your skin. Wait a few heartbeats before you smell the scent. We suggest you use that moment to savor gratitude - think of three things that light up your world.

  3. Inhale the Tale: Close those eyes, take a deep breath, and let the fragrance unveil its tale just for your senses. The scent will develop more as hours pass, as I use many different materials including complex absolutes, that take time to unfold with the warmth of your skin. 

  4. Capture the Feelings: Quickly jot down your immediate thoughts and emotions on the matching card. It's like capturing a fleeting dream before it disappears.

  5. Slow Exploration: Explore just 2 or 3 scents at a time. Hold back the temptation to try them all at once; anosmia is real :) 

  6. Repeat: Try the scents many times or even share with friends. You have enough for about 30 sessions in each vial ( 240 total ) 


Notes are here

When you've uncovered the fragrance that truly resonates with you, find one of our wedding scent package that fits your celebration. We create a personalized label for you, with your name and date or what else you would like to have printed on the label (25 characters max)



Handmade in Los Angeles

we blend and bottle your order just for you.


Small batch is what we do

we compose original formulas so you will have a very unique fragrance to make wonderful memories from.

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